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The Fine Print


THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ARE BINDING AND ENFORCEABLE AGAINST ALL PERSONS THAT ACCESS WIC’S WEBSITE(S), (i.e. www.wroughtironcrafts.co.za , www.metalbeds.co.za  and / or www.patiofurnitureonline.co.za) OR ANY PART THEREOF .




Wrought Iron Crafts (Pty) LTD does not own, operate or control any manufacturing, powder coating factories or shipping transport courier companies or any other facility or service mentioned on the sites. We take care in selecting all the principles, however because we select them only - we have no control on running them. We cannot be held responsible for any lack of service, damages and / or incorrectly manufactured goods by any independent agency / companies / subcontractors or any other service provider; however, our full cooperation will be made available should you require any relevant details or information.

The user agrees that Wrought Iron Crafts (Pty) LTD being an agent for facilitating the sales process shall not be responsible for any such circumstances and the customers have to contact that service provider directly for any further resolutions and/or refunds.



1)     A deposit of 70% is required before processing of any order(s) commences. Note that items may take from 2 to 8 weeks to be ready for collection or delivery (see point 2). The balance due, together with the Delivery fee (LOCAL) / or Couriers shipment fee (LONG DISTANCE) is payable upon confirmation by WIC that the items are ready for shipment/delivery.  Once all outstanding payments have been processed and cleared, WIC will be in touch with you (the Client) to confirm and mutually agree upon a delivery date. (All times given are approximate and although WIC will do its utmost to honour the agreed time and date, WIC cannot be held liable if Delivery / Courier pick up has to be rescheduled due to external factors, including but not limited to vehicle availability etc.)  

2)    Manufacturing & Delivery schedules are occasionally hampered due to inclement weather, undue delays in receiving completed work from the powder-coaters, galvanizers, and/or steel-bending contractors, etc. as applicable. Notwithstanding delays that may be caused by other external factors such as delays in receiving ordered items / fixtures / ornamentation from external suppliers, load shedding or any other delay that is not directly caused by WIC. Should the above lead time elapse as a result of external factors, WIC is expressly not liable for any loss or damage that may be incurred by the Client as a result thereof. WIC will be in contact with you (the Client) regarding the progress of your order, and to confirm a mutually convenient delivery/shipment date.


3)    Although extreme care & experience is always applied during installations/delivery/assembly of supplied items on site, WIC expressly does not assume any responsibility nor liability for any loss or damage of and by whatsoever nature, whether at time of installation/delivery/assembly, or at any time in the future as a result thereof. Please ensure that the access area/s to final location of items delivered is clear and free of delicate items.


4)    WIC reserves the right to use any pictures of the project/s, manufactured, and retailed items, for advertising purposes, placement on websites, etc. without prior approval.


5)    Should the Client wish to make any design changes or alterations to items ordered, payment/s of any and all additional costs thereof incurred will be due and payable by the Client before Delivery / Courier.


6)    It is understood and accepted that Wrought Iron and Cast Iron items have certain surface imperfections which is in the nature of the product, and are not as smooth as mild steel, for example. Such items will be galvanized and/or powder coated as is, and accepted as such, being in the nature of the product. Note that bedsteads and daybeds, being for internal use, are epoxy powder coated only. All galvanizing and powder coating shall be out-sourced to reputable companies conforming to strict standards. WIC does not accept any responsibility nor any liability for the quality of such coatings, nor for longevity of coatings, which may be affected by weather or usage. We advise that all items manufactured and / or supplied for outdoor use be galvanized. Should the Client wish to inspect ordered items before Delivery, this must be communicated to WIC in advance and the Client needs to make an appointment for inspection in order for WIC to make necessary arrangements. Unless the above is explicitly stated by the Client, Delivery / Courier procedure will take place as per normal.


7)  Finished items may vary from any picture/s or design sketches due to supplier shortages of materials, ornamentation, etc. In such event WIC will strive to keep the finished item within the general theme of the product sample picture/s, subject to the manufacturers approval.


8)    Irrespective of any monetary deposit which may have been advanced in terms of the Payment Terms (point 1), ALL items supplied and / or installed remains the property of WIC until paid for in full, and WIC may at its own discretion & time schedule remove any or all items in the event of any dispute and/or non-payment of any amount/s due, in which event access to the premises shall not be denied.


9)     By acceptance of the quotation / invoice provided /  payment of a deposit (i.e. any monetary amount paid to WIC for item(s) ordered) and / or full payment by the Client, it is understood and accepted by WIC that the Client has read, understands and accepts these Terms and Conditions and warrants that he/she has full legal rights and entitlement to enter into this transaction, whether or not he/she owns or leases the installation / delivery premises, and also where the Client acts on behalf of a company or 3rd party, and thereby warrants that this transaction, and any payments which are due in terms hereof, is binding personally on the Client, as well as said 3 rd party. 

10)  Any Courier / Delivery company used by WIC is merely a suggested one and unless otherwise explicitly expressed by the Client, it is accepted that the Client agrees to and accepts the Courier / Delivery Company used. Should the Client wish to use any other Courier Company, it will be the Client’s responsibility to make all the necessary arrangements with the chosen Courier and inform WIC as well as provide any relevant information, including, but not limited to the agreed time and date of scheduled pick up, etc. (Should the time and/or date be changed, for whatever reason by WIC or the Client, a new agreed time and/or date will be scheduled and either party will inform the other as soon as possible,.)  Although WIC does its utmost to ensure that all goods /items are correctly and sufficiently packaged before Delivery and / or collection by ANY Courier Company (whether suggested by WIC or the Client) to not incur any damage during transit, WIC is expressly not liable for the condition in which goods / items are delivered by ANY Courier / Delivery Company. Where possible, photographs are taken prior to collection by ANY Courier of packaged goods / items. Should any item be damaged in any way during transit by ANY Courier Company, WIC will as a courtesy assist the Client in submitting a Claim Form, and provide any documentation and / or photographs deemed necessary where applicable. Please note that WIC’s assistance is done as a courtesy and is not in any way an acceptance of liability or admittance of fault of any kind on the part of WIC.


11)    Cancellation procedure: Should the Client at any time after having paid a deposit/ full amount due wish to cancel their order, for whatever reason, the following points must be taken into account and followed;

(i)    A formal cancellation request must be sent to WIC via email, stating the reason for cancellation as well as any other information deemed relevant;

(ii)   NO refunds are given for custom made goods (Please note that this also applies to items on WIC’s websites where the Client has made any special request, therein altering / customizing it.)

(iii) If an order has been placed by the Client and the production / manufacturing process has begun and / or orders have been placed (i.e. with external suppliers, where applicable), the following will apply;

a)       A cancellation admin fee of 30% of the total selling price will be charged/retained by WIC;

b)       All item(s) / good(s) supplied must be returned to WIC by the Client;

c)        In the event where the item(s) / good(s) need to be couriered back to WIC (Long Distance) or the Client requests that the item(s) / good(s) be collected by WIC (Local), the Client will be liable for any Courier / Delivery fees together with any other costs that may be incurred in returning the item(s) / good(s) to WIC [together with the cancellation admin fee as stated in point a)]

d)        Once all item(s) / good(s) have been returned to WIC, an assessment of the item(s) / good(s) will be done and if there are any ‘touch-ups’ that need to be made in order to restore the item(s) / good(s) to its original state / reasonable, acceptable  condition, these costs will be incurred by the Client

e)     The total amount refundable to the Client [determined by the selling price less points a), c) and d)] will be refunded to the Client  within 10 working days of the item(s) / good(s) having been resold by WIC / within 10 working days of WIC having recovered all costs involved.

(iv) If any item(s) / good(s) have been supplied incorrectly, by way of colour or size etc. or the client wishes to cancel on the grounds that they want something different than that stated on the original accepted quotation / invoice, WIC will first try to remedy this before a cancellation / refund is considered – should the Client insist on a refund, whether remedied or not, normal cancellation procedures as above will apply.

(v) Should a cancellation be requested as a result of any item(s) / good(s) being damaged in any way during transit by ANY Courier / Delivery Company, WIC is expressly not liable and no refund will be made – refer to point 9.

(vi) Should the Client request a cancellation due to item(s) / good(s) ordered taking too long, WIC will refund the Client as soon as any and all costs already incurred by WIC have been recovered; please note that normal cancellation procedure as above will apply.

Note that whether or not a cancellation request has been accepted by WIC, and / or where WIC offers to remedy any order (custom or other) to satisfy the client, it is in no way an admittance of guilt / wrongdoing on the part of WIC nor is it an acceptance of liability of any kind whatsoever. WIC reserves the right to cancel any order at its own discretion.


12)    Final Payment Due ;  Upon arrangement of confirmed and agreed delivery schedule of manufactured / stock items, any amounts owing to WIC is immediately due and payable by the Client before delivery takes place, or, before items are sent by courier. Once the client has approved the quotation and / or paid a deposit, no refund whatsoever will be given for any custom made goods.


13) Prices and /or specials as stipulated on any of WIC’s websites are subject to change without prior notice. These Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice and/or approval.


14)     It is imperative to note that the viewing of ANY ordered items at any time at 8 Spin Road, Sack's Circle, Bellville South, Cape Town (the Factory) is not allowed unless prior authorization has been granted by WIC (in exceptional circumstances only) and it is understood and accepted that entry is at the client's own risk and WIC is expressly not liable for any damages whatsoever. WIC's office hours are available on the Contact Us page and STRICTLY BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. S